ISO 9001:2008

Tubes Division

The Production responds quickly and efficiently to individual client requirements combining technological "know how" and automation in the production of welded steel tubes. The equipment includes one slitter for the production of narrow strips, three profiles for the production of ERW pipes and one cutting machine for lengths below 3 meters.

Yuogotub D.O.O produces welded steel tubes in conformity with EN 10305-3-2002, "Precision welded steel tubes", externally calibrated, with smooth ends.

The standard length of the tube is 6000mm though we are able to furnish tubes based on clients requirements from 3000mm to 9000mm with a tolerance +/- 1mm. The tubes are furnished with a thin coating of protective oil, resistant to ultraviolet light while offering protection against rust

Yuogotub D.O.O

  Yugotub D.O.O. - Manufacturers of welded steel galvanized, hot rolled P&O and cold rolled, tubes and pipes
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