The factory

The Yugotub plant is located in Serbia in Nova Pazova (15 km from the capital Belgrade).
It has a covered area of 7 500 square meters and is equipped with three profiles for the production of welded pipes, a line of longitudinal cutting coils and three lines for pipe cutting .
The total production capacity is around 36,000 tons per year.
The plant also has an analysis laboratory equipped with a traction machine and a quantometer, where analysis and tests of mechanical and chemical quality are carried out on raw materials and finished products.

Quality and international standards

Working according to the prescribed standards is an indispensable condition for competing in today’s increasingly demanding and demanding markets.
The Yugotub production process complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001 quality standards.
Respecting these rules is both a way and method of how Yugotub operates in the daily management of the production process. Also, Yugotub is in the process of constant commitment to environmental protection and proper resource management is achievement for the company.
We are proud to announce that, as a consequence of an investment plan dedicated to the topic of environmental protection, to which Yugotub is very sensitive, company is now certified according “ISO 14001” standard. Certification of “ISO 14001” standard is not the last point in harmonization with international norms because after that Yugotub also successfully finished certification of the “ISO 45001” standard as a result of the safe performance of production activities.


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