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Our production range includes tubes with circular section, square, rectangular, semi-oval, octagonal, oval and special, according to the requirements requested by the customer.
The production range goes from 12 mm diameter. at 60 mm., with a wall thickness of 0.45 mm. at 2.5 mm. nominal.
The pipes can be made in commercial bars up to 8000 mm. in length, at the request of the customer.
The bar can also be cut to size, and be specially packaged at the customer’s request.
The tubes are produced in compliance with the EN 10305-3: 2002 and EN 10305-5: 2003 standards.
Yugotub is a company certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard
The materials used are the following:
Hot rolled pickled
Cold rolled
Hot galvanized
Dual phase hot rolled pickled and cold.

(See technical sheets)

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